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This is a free service which stores content from open web sources to perform plagiarism checks. Yet, our data can become outdated and we cannot guarantee the results will be 100% accurate.

What tends to affect grades in a very negative way? Plagiarized papers, of course. If your essay is a copy, it will hardly get graded high. Quite the opposite, if you avoid similarity rather going for originality, your grades will surprise you.

But how to make it happen if you feel like unable to write original? Our website is a rescuer – where you will find paper samples, unique academic writing, along with a free plagiat detector tool.

Make Sure Your Writing Is 100% Genuine with a Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a huge problem today, for us, it is not like that at all. We represent ourselves as anti-plagiarism writers!

Despite our 100% trust in the team, we scan all writings to detect the smallest sign of copy-and-paste practice. We use special software to find if there is any scam. This plagiat tracker generates a plag report, which demonstrates how much plagiarized the content. No writing is passed without such a report! This is our reputation, and we make much of it.

You may use yourself a plagiarism detector online, which is integrated into our site and provided for free. We are committed to you being as much secured as possible because there is nothing for us to conceal about our writings. We are confident in a scrupulous treatment by our writers who bring exceptional value to each paper they make.

Use our plag finder for any writings you think doubtful. The checker we offer on our website is a dedicated assistant to students, copyright makers, and others in search of genuine content. Besides, our online tool will help you to improve your writing and not to look as copy-pasted.

Solid Team of Expert Writers to Make Your Paper Unique

We are committed to excellence and originality in every single paper we make. Strong qualifications of our writers allow bringing the best value to all students in search of high-quality anti plag essays.

We solely engage skilled and customer-focused writers. This selection approach prevents plagiarism because our writers are enthusiastic about what they are doing, and no similarity is encouraged. Regular training programs we arrange for our team contribute even more to their expertise and motivation.

All sample custom papers are made by our writers to prevent any scams. Adequate formatting for free and on-schedule delivery add a bigger value to our service.

Best Values for Students with Our Website

To stimulate your grades for improvement, we encompass the following values to bring them all in a comprehensive package:

  • 100% no plagiarism,
  • cutting-edge plagiarism detector machine,
  • committed expert writers,
  • wide writer-and-customer geography,
  • GRADE- oriented approach,
  • free formatting and referencing,
  • timely delivery,
  • everything online, including a plagiarism checker,
  • app compatible,
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Possibly, your grades will improve with our website. To double check, use a plagiat scanner for free to test your essay – and say it to yourself confidently, “my paper is not copy, but a genuine writing from scratch”.