100 Most Popular Topics to Explore Today in Your Essay

100 Most Popular Topics to Explore Today in Your Essay

Looking for interesting ideas to write about in your essay? Here is a list of 100 questions in 10 topic areas to help you get started. You can use these issues as your essay titles. Let’s go!


  1. What Are the Differences Between Public and Private Blockchain?

  2. How Can We Apply Mosaic Theory to Cryptocurrency Investing?

  3. How Does 0x Protocol Enable Building Decentralized Exchanges?

  4. Was Bitcoin a Bubble?

  5. What Are the New Promising Additions to the Blockchain Ecosystem?

  6. What Is the Real Value of a Token?

  7. Why Did Ethereum Price Drop?

  8. Is the Crypto Winter Coming?

  9. How to Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

  10. What Is Blockchain Sharding?


  1. What Is Fintech and Why Is It Important?

  2. What Are the Technologies That Can Change the World in the Next 10 Years?

  3. Why Is Commerce in the Process of the Next Commercial Revolution?

  4. Can You Build an iPhone With Python?

  5. How Can Smartphones in the Classroom Help the Education?

  6. Do You Have to Be a Computer Science Grad to Work in Tech?

  7. Is Your Phone Contributing to Your Loneliness?

  8. Why Is It the Time of Augmented Reality (AR)?

  9. What Is Artificial Intelligence?

  10. Is Facebook Built on Inequality?


  1. How Can Scientists Grow Organs?

  2. Why Are People Getting a Meat Allergy?

  3. Can Stem Cells Prevent Aging?

  4. What Can Life on Mars Look Like?

  5. How Do False Memories and Biases Deceive Us?

  6. Is Pathology a Part of Human Experience?

  7. Is Gene-Editing Dangerous?

  8. Do All Animals Have a Sense of Gender Identity?

  9. What Is the Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

  10. How Can Mathematical Models Help Establish a Therapeutic Strategy to Neutralize the Infection?


  1. How Can We Distinguish Art and Non-Art?

  2. What Is the Difference Between Art and Design?

  3. Why Is Art Important?

  4. Can Artists Be Ever Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

  5. Is It Possible to Fight Social Issues With the Help of Art?

  6. What Features Make a Masterpiece?

  7. Can Art Help You Stay Healthy and Heal?

  8. Can Everyone Appreciate Abstract Art?

  9. Why Are People so Fascinated by Ancient Egypt?

  10. Can Reason Algorithm Make Great Art?


  1. Do Superman and Batman Have Anything in Common?

  2. What Are the Common Stereotypes in Comic Books?

  3. How Are Comic Books Different from Other Books?

  4. What Is the History of Anime?

  5. What Are Common Features of Superheroes in Comic Books?

  6. What Is the Impact of Comics on the Movie Industry?

  7. Why Are Comics Popular Among People of All Ages?

  8. What Are the Most Important Storylines in Comics History?

  9. What Are the Differences of Japanese Manga from American Comics?

  10. What Is the Impact of Comics on Our Society?

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Can Machine Learning Be Fun?

  2. How Can Artificial Intelligence Influence Our Society in the Near Future?

  3. What Engines Are Better for Development: Hybrid or Autonomous?

  4. Is Machine Learning Really Complex?

  5. What Is Common Between Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness?

  6. Does Google Bring People and Artificial Intelligence Closer Together?

  7. Can Philosophy Teach Anything Machine Learning?

  8. Why Are Chatbots Cool?

  9. Can Artificial Intelligence Make Digital Marketing More Human?

  10. What Are the Most Important Problems of Deep Learning?


  1. Can People Fix the Climate Change?

  2. What Are the Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

  3. Why Can’t We Live without Water?

  4. Can You Imagine Living in a Post-Climate Change World?

  5. Is It Possible to Produce Fuels at Lower Cost and Less Energy?

  6. How Can Cities Adapt to Global Warming?

  7. How Can Fashion Industry Be Sustainable?

  8. Why Is It Important to Live Modestly for f Healthier World?

  9. How Can We Create a Sustainable Community?

  10. What Is the Impact of Noise Solution on People?

Gender Studies

  1. Why Did Society Need Gender Roles and Does It Need Them Now?

  2. Who Determines What It Means to Be a Man or a Woman?

  3. The Toys Segregation and Sexual Education: Will It Still Be Different for Boys and Girls?

  4. Why Is Parental Leave Important?

  5. What Are the Causes and Effects of the #Metoo Movement?

  6. What Is the Effect of the Refugee Situation on Women Worldwide?

  7. What Is the Impact of the Glass Ceiling Effect on Women?

  8. What Is the Role of Ethnicity in Defining an Individual’s Ability to Earn?

  9. What Is the Role of Gender Equality in the Upbringing of Children?

  10. Misogyny and Sexism: Why Does It Continue to Happen in the 21st Century?


  1. Will People Live in the Oceans in the Near Future?

  2. Will Robots Take Over People at Work?

  3. How Are Civil Society Values Changing in the Digital Society?

  4. What Potential Does Quantum Computing Have?

  5. Can People Be Experts on the Future?

  6. What Are the Characteristics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

  7. Will Automation Create More Jobs than It Destroys?

  8. Will the Economy of the Future Rely on Money?

  9. How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform People?

  10. How Can Virtual Reality Make Our Life Safer?


  1. What Are the Causes of Eating Disorders and Obesity?

  2. Sleeping Pills: Placebo, Harm, or the Cure?

  3. How Are the Prisoners Treated Regarding Health?

  4. Health Care: Should It Be for Free or Should We Pay for Our Treatment?

  5. Can a Diet Help Us Curb Our Skin Health and Beauty?

  6. Does Euthanasia Have a Right to Exist?

  7. What Does It Mean to Be Vegan?

  8. Understanding Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism: Are They Different Depending on Age?

  9. What Can Be Done About Antibiotic Resistance?

  10. Will We Ever Cure Alzheimer’s?

Extra Essay Writing Tips to Sharpen Professional Skills

Have you chosen a topic? Here are some easy tips to come up with an effective essay:

  • Research your topic extensively. Find the key ideas in some sources of information. Take notes of those ideas you may want to consider when writing your own essay. Use primary and secondary sources.

  • Create an outline or diagram of your ideas. You need to organize your thoughts and see connections between the ideas to write a successful essay. An outline or a diagram can serve you as a foundation for a future essay.

  • Write a thesis statement. Typically, a thesis statement has two parts. The first one is to state the topic, and the second is to state the point of the essay.

  • Plan your essay. Write topic sentences for all your main ideas. After that, you can write the body of your essay. You have to analyze, argue or describe the topic and support your ideas with relevant information and examples. Don’t forget to properly cite your sources.

  • Write the introduction and the concluding paragraph. In the conclusion, you need to sum up your ideas and provide a final perspective on your topic.

  • Revise your draft. It means that you should edit your essay to improve the content, structure, and logical flow. Reread the final draft again and fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Editing and proofreading on your own are not easy, so you can ask your friend to help you.

Now, you know what topic to explore in your essay. We are glad to help you with any issue appearing on the way to an excellent academic performance. Benefit from this assistance right now!

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